ANI (National Innovation Agency for Portugal)

recognizes Q-Better’s ability to practice R&D activities.


ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação (National Innovation Agency for Portugal),recognizes Q-Better’s ability to practice Research & Development activities in thetechnical-scientific fields of ICT:

  • Internet of Things,
  • ICT in Business
  • New Ways of Communication.

This recognition distinguishes Q-Better’s capacity and permanent involvement inresearch projects and the continuous search for solutions capable of answering tothe demands and needs of the market.

Entities recognized as suitable in the field of R&D are considered for the purpose ofgranting tax credit in the SIFIDE application (Tax incentive System for R&DBusinesses), aims to increase the competitiveness of companies by supporting theirresearch and development efforts by deducting IRC from R&D expenses.


Fernando Mendes, Q-Better’s CEO, highlights the importance of ANI recognition:


“Our Development & IT Teams have been involved in several innovative projects,focusing on new trends in the sector and, especially, on emerging technologies. Thegoal is to continuously promote the added value of our software through innovativesolutions, to meet marketing and customer’s needs.The strong investment in R&D is a positioning strategy and a mission that aim is tocontribute to the digital evolution of the sectors and markets in which we operate. This recognition is the result of the strategy described, putting us at the front end ofInnovation e R&D.”