Adobe is no longer supporting Flash Player since December 31, 2020, and blocked all Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021. Along with it, Microsoft started releasing updates to erase the Adobe tool from the Windows OS. As a consequence, the whole Bloom Windows-based product line will be affected, because it has modules running on Adobe’s Flash Player tool.


Hence, sadly, we cannot do much to overcome the End Of Life (EOL) situation of Adobe’s Flash Player, and the decision of Microsoft to start taking steps to remove Flash from the Windows operating system.


Since the beginning of 2019, Q-Better stopped selling Bloom Windows-based products and focused only on the Linux-based ones instead, and thus it has limited support and updates coverage as well. Feel free to check all our current solutions on our website.


Product line affected by this situation:

  • Windows version of Bloom Master and Bloom Slave (Q-QMBL, Q-QMBLP, Q-QMBLU e Q-QMBLS)
  • Windows version of Bloom Enterprise Server (decentralized architecture – including Bloom Appointments)
  • Q-Touch for Bloom Windows


If you are using Bloom Windows-based solutions and are experiencing problems with it, please send us an email at


Kindest regards,