Beat the crowds on Black Friday with Smart Queue Management Systems


Ready or not, Black Friday shopping season is around the corner. This day marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and retailers are expected to shine and excel their sales.


It is a worldwide growing promotional event and it is one of the highest sales peaks. At this time of the year, sales increase, as it attracts customers and is highly profitable for companies.


On this day, customers are interested in getting advantages through unmissable promotions. So, it is needed to create truly appealing offers, and ensure a remarkable experience for your customer during the purchasing process.


More and more companies are joining the concept and offering discounts, in order to boost Christmas shopping. Customers should make sure that they take full advantage of the opportunities it presents to buy on advantageous terms and getting unique discounts. In previous years, Black Friday would soon be associated with huge agglomerations of people inside stores and queues at the checkout line. But in 2020 everything is different. This year is not normal at all. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us new realities, new behaviours and a special preparation is now needed by brands.



Crowds of people are now unthinkable. There are now restrictions on the number of people allowed inside a store. We need to practice social distancing. If we don’t want to lose clients nor sales, we need to respect these laws in order to tackle the situation.


Given this dark period that we are facing, it is normal to question whether Black Friday is standing, and it is equally natural to reflect on its appearance, which will certainly be a little different from the previous years.


Many stores do not intend to open doors on the day due to lack of conditions, when it comes to safety, but even those who choose to take advantage of the date, should follow tough security protocols due to Covid-19. You can still enjoy Black Friday without losing sales, but with the maximum of safety and always providing an excellent service to your customers.


Tips to prepare your company for Black Friday 2020





A good strategy in the consumer experience at the right time is now more than ever, a differentiating point that will ensure excellent and positive results for your business.


Therefore, during this hectic season, ensure that your company has the capacity to respond to the abrupt increase of the volume of consumer demand. It is essential to facilitate the purchasing process, since more than ever, it is necessary to ensure that all customers have a safe purchase process that ensures social distancing.


Shorter periods of waiting and a more organized waiting flow may be the key to your business if you want to survive to this Black Friday. Customer management system ensures a better organization of the service and optimizes the service process, eliminating the traditional queue. All this translates into greater comfort and safety for both customers and employees.


By using e-tickets and virtual lines, customers can shop inside stores and:

    • Ensuring customer’s and staff safety
    • Health is not compromised
    • Always maintaining social distancing.


E-tickets are a contactless solution that assures more safety and comfort. This solution is indeed a ticket that customers can generate directly from their smartphone by scanning a QR-Code and track the evolution of the queue from everywhere they want or feel secure, without having to stay inline.


It represents a comfortable feature for users, less queueing, and a reduction of costs as there’s’ no need to print physical tickets, saving paper and electricity.


In the other hand with virtual queueing, customers can schedule appointments online and just return at the right time. This way, customers can wait on the line without having to be in physical contact with other people and keeping crowds dispersed. Virtual queuing can not only prevent crowd control in one place but can also distribute both the crowd and the wait time in more productive ways.





Customers are becoming increasingly selective about the types of business they want to deal with.


Businesses that has differentiating points will bring more customers to their stores. The only way to ensure a better and safer experience is to bet on virtual queues.


It is time to make your business stand out from others. Provide to your customer’s a more relaxed and better consumer experience. More than ever, queue management solutions need to be taken in consideration for Black Friday crowd management.