Get ready for Black Friday with Virtual Queueing Systems


Black Friday is almost upon us, but in 2020 promises to be much different than what we are used to.


At this time of the year, companies are starting to plan their campaigns for Black Friday. The pressure of the year’s longest shopping weekend means that every effort is focused on finding ways to maximize profits.


In previous years, Black Friday would soon be associated with high-stress and a frustration period for employees, huge agglomerations of people inside stores and queues at the checkout line. All this would be normal in a normal year. However, this year is anything but that. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us a new reality accompanied by new habits.


1-Do not lose clients nor sales. Organize virtual queues to people get in your store!



Nothing will be like before for obvious reasons. It is unthinkable that companies allow the crowds of people we used to see in previous years. There are now restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed inside a store. Governments around the world have encouraged citizens to practice social distancing in order to tackle the situation. Laws have changed around the world and things need to be different and NOW. Shorter periods of waiting and a more organized waiting flow may be the key to your business if you want to survive to this Black Friday.


How can we get around this situation?

As safety and overcrowding became a concern, what you need to keep in mind on this Black Friday is to make sure your queues are efficiently managed. The only way to ensure a successful Black Friday shopping experience is through virtual lines. Through this, customers can shop inside stores, always ensuring customer’s and staff safety and always maintaining social distancing. Access control management is an important consideration for retailers during peak times.


With Black Friday around the corner, here are two ways in which a queue management system can make it easier to prepare your store for this time of the year.


2-Ensure a better and safer experience




Queue management helps prevent agglomerations of people. Having the ability to offer “security” is now more than ever becoming one of the main features that a business can offer to its customers and can undoubtedly become a differentiating point that makes your company stand out from others.


The behaviour and shopping habits has changed in 2020. Customers are becoming increasingly selective about the types of business they want to deal with.


Businesses focused on good security practices are a more important factor than ever before. The responsiveness that a company is giving to the pandemic is influencing consumer’s purchasing decision. The only way to make sure that your customers are willing to enter to your store is to bet on virtual queues. It is a way to ensure that health and safety are not compromised and that all comfort is ensured to all the customers.


3-Help prevent overcrowding



While in previous years, crowd was synonymous with sales; with the arrival of 2020, crowd became synonymous with risk and chaos. Crowds are now a health risk.


That is why stores should invest in a queue management system for the coming season. The customer management system ensures a better organization of the service and optimizes the service process, eliminating the traditional queue. All this translates into greater comfort and safety for both customers and employees.


Perception is everything to customers. When they are forced to wait for long periods with nothing to do, they become frustrated with their service experience. The idea is to let people occupy themselves until it’s their turn. With virtual queueing, customers can schedule appointments online and just return at the right time. This way, customers can wait on the line without having to be in physical contact with other people.


It is time to bring something new and make your business stand out from others. Offer to your customer’s a calm and more relaxed experience. All this is possible if you bet in queue management system. If it provides a better consumer experience, this will be positive in the future, because probably, after Black Friday’s fever, customers can come back and become loyal customers to your brand.