Multiple locations system

A private cloud server controls and manages a network of locations from a central point, allowing different queueing configurations in each location.

Specially designed for organisations with several locations, Bloom Enterprise allows the central management of Bloom’s full potentiality: queue management, virtual ticket, appointments and e-ticket.


All data and local devices are managed and processed by a server located in a private cloud, allowing managers and installers to have the capacity to install, configure and analyse the performance of an entire network of systems, wherever they are located.

Access to a global overview of the entire network status in real-time

Allows different queuing configurations for each location

Statistics and historical data of each location or a group of locations

Pre-arrival modules and common resources management and configuration

Bloom Appointments,

a new era for
service scheduling

Bloom Appointments allows professionals to manage appointments and give their customers a better experience through self-service scheduling.

Customers can pre book an appointment by themselves on the organisation’s website, at a time that suits them best.

  • Saved time for organisations, staff, and customers

  • Online scheduling is both cost-effective for the organisation and convenient for the customer (24/7 access)

  • Savvy communication tools reducing the risk of no-shows

Website widget

Easily add booking interface to your website by integrating the Bloom Appointment’s widget. Its customizable interface can be designed to match your organisation’s identity.

Automatic notifications

The system allows email and SMS integration to automatically inform and alert the customers about their appointment status. This means a reduced risk of customers missing their appointments, improving the overall service experience.

Centralized management

Allow your customers to book appointments in different locations. The system will gather data from the entire service network to provide you with accurate information for appointments management.

Better together!

Bloom Appointments is integrated with the queueing module to conciliate both unexpected and expected customers.

Bloom Virtual Queueing

Allows customers to remotely queue for their turn, while continuing with their day to day life.

Customers can wait anywhere with their virtual ticket and receive notifications when it’s their turn to be served.

Through the application, customers can:

  •  Check the waiting conditions in real-time before generating a ticket

  • Receive in-app notifications

  • Cancel the ticket at any time

Q-Better provides the REST API to develop applications or integrate this functionality into existing applications.



A contactless solution, a very important demand for today’s needs. It assures more safety and comfort.

The E-ticket is indeed a ticket that customers can generate directly from their smartphone by scanning a QR-Code. Bring the ticket kiosk to the smartphone.


It represents a comfortable feature for users, less queueing, and a reduction of costs as there’s’ no need to print physical tickets, saving paper and electricity.

Customer flow