E-Ticket, what is it?

6 main advantages of this new technology.


New technologies evolve every day, but the queue management sector always manages to be one step ahead.


This pandemic challenged everyone to develop new behaviours, including keeping social distancing and avoid contact with potentially contaminated objects or surfaces.


How can people then issue a ticket and wait for their turn while keeping the social distancing?


The right answer is: e-Ticket!


How is it possible to take the ticket without any contact?


The ticket dispenser, instead of presenting the traditional options for clicking on the screen, presents a QR-code that can be scanned by our smartphone and automatically issues your digital ticket.


This e-ticket is stored on the smartphone, thus avoiding unnecessary contacts with screens, buttons, or paper tickets.



Some advantages of E-TICKET:

1- Safer


This is one of the main reasons for the rapid popularization of the e-ticket, with screens and buttons being two of the possible means of transmitting viruses or bacteria. The fact that you do not need any physical contact makes the e-ticket much more secure.


2- Less Expenses


The first reaction that managers have when thinking about implementing “e-ticket” solutions is that they must change all the equipment and the investment will be high. Not true. In most cases it is possible to use the e-ticket only with a software update.

If we look only the fact of not needing paper, it means a huge saving in a medium / long term.


3- More environmentally friendly


Another positive factor is the ecological factor, the fact that it does not require paper makes this alternative an environmentally friendly solution.


4- More informative


When we take a physical paper ticket, in addition to being limited to the paper space we are limited to static information, in the case of the ticket on the smartphone there is no space limitation. Plus, the information can be more dynamic and updated at any time.


5- More uptime and less maintenance


How many times have we reached a dispenser and it was out of paper and we had to wait for an employee to replace for a new roll?

Using e-ticket, no paper or printer are needed, which substantially reduces the need for equipment maintenance.


6- More modern


The interaction between the numerous devices is increasingly “in”. Having a queue management system that interacts with smartphones, gives a touch of modernity and an service.


Do you already know the Bloom E-ticket tool?