Customer Experience: Tips to improve service quality and customer’s satisfaction


This year showed us the importance to adapt to digital solutions to improve services and elevate service experience to a whole new level. Customer-focused organizations who seek to ensure an improvement in the quality of service have changed their habits and tried to adapt to digital solutions, as it is now almost mandatory if you want to maintain your customer’s loyalty and your business reputation.


Virtual solutions to ensure health and safety


There are a lot of people who are fearful of going out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fear of COVID-19 infections has driven more consumers to change their habits. Nowadays, there is an increased focus on health and safety and stores need to take precautions to try to keep customers safe inside a public space and some of these precautions include customer experience. Since health and safety will remain as a priority next year, offering services in digital format is now a necessity. Contactless payments, online appointments, self-service tools and customer experience are examples of virtual solutions and are here to stay.


Tips to improve customer experience

Use data to improve your services


Having access to key statistics and reports are a way to improve your services and are increasingly being used as tools to support decision-making process. With the use of statistical data, it is possible to achieve high levels of efficiency, it also provides real-time information and allows a better management of teams, turning out to be easier to ensure a better perception, not only of the performance of the employees, but also of store operation.


Analyse customer’s feedback


Knowing your customer feedback is valuable information for your business since it gives you an overview of your service quality. With statistics, it is possible to evaluate all information and it is a tool for growth and continuous improvement of the services provided, maximizing profits, and reducing risks. All information filled out by customers during or after the service is processed, displaying the assessment of the level of customer satisfaction and feedback from a specific service.


Minimize customer effort


Everyone has already suffered a bad customer experience and the only thing we remember is how frustrated it made us. As customers, we felt undervalued because the company did not treat us how we expected to be treated.


Your company must have something that stand out from the others and that their customers will remember. Customers are now used to quick services that do not require much effort. The less effort you put them through, the more satisfied they will be. That is why having the right technology is essential to reduce the obstacles in customer journey.


Service personalization


It is more important than ever to give your customers an excellent journey. Companies are starting to understand the importance of giving them a unique experience but how can you do it? By personalizing their journey, it is more likely to gain their attention.


If a customer walks away from an interaction with your business dissatisfied with the service, it means that you have wasted an opportunity to win their loyalty. On the other hand, when a customer come back to your store, it is because your customer service left them pleased.


To earn this kind of loyalty, your business needs to deliver personalized customer service, more than merely satisfy their needs. This will make them feel that you really appreciate and value them and your business will only benefit from it.