When using precise queue management statistics, you will improve customer satisfaction



The ultimate goal of Queue Management isn’t only to manage queues

This may sound contradictory, but Queue Management has more to offer (other than the queue management itself, naturally) and that is Queue, Flow, Service, Staff and Customer Analytics. 

Adding a Smart Queueing System to your service is a start, but the key to achieve full customer satisfaction is by understanding what your customers want and the performance of your staff and locations. Once you have this covered you can see how this performance changes over time, and how it varies depending on how you adjust your changes. 


Improvement is fuelled by Data 

Business Analytics are necessary in every field, so commit to the evolution of the flow of your customers and get to know BLOOM Data & Statistics

BLOOM works as a true brain for your service management, gathering data from performance, tickets, appointments, staff and forms.

To boost your business you need to be able to read and analyse all collected data. 


Monitor your performance in real-time

Check the need to open or close service branches and have an overview of all service status.

When you have hundreds of clients a day you won’t remember each contact you made! With our tool you can check each interaction between customer and staff by generating charts of your:

| Tickets (its status, generated tickets, booked appointments, etc.)

| Customer Satisfaction by user

| User and devices status

| Interactions

| Service details


Forecast 101

  1. Discover your service demands when you study the flow of your visitors

Interactive charts display historical statistics and its variation over time, increasing the predictability of the number of visitors for an optimized resources management and consequently a better service quality.

When you study your customer volume you know exactly your peak hours, the future possible ones and the potential barriers that need to be addressed. 

It’s mandatory to follow the evolution of how long it takes for each customer to be called, served or paused, by who and much more so you can determine your KPIs per Service, Counter and or Staff member. 


Some of our key features to help you with forecasting are:

| Service time variation

| Waiting time variation

| Ticket transfer’s flow

| No-show and cancelations


  1. Measure the Performance of all locations

With Bloom, you can compare the performance between services, counters or users, and its variation across the time. 

In case you want to know if one branch is doing better than the other, you can:

| Compare service and user’s performance

| Generate automatic reports by email

| Export data for further analysis


You can either verify how your staff or each individual staff member is performing, and you can filter this data however you like. Know how many tickets and how much time per ticket your employees take, how many breaks they are taking and for how long, and how satisfied are your customers with them!


  1. Listen to your customers

Our system gets and processes all information filled in by customers or staff members during or after the service, displaying satisfaction ratings, specific service feedback, demographic data or anything you want through customized surveys. 

| Customer satisfaction

| Answer submission 

| Scale questions 

| Single choice questions 

| Multiple choice questions


  1. Remove all sources of your soft spots    

This is the aim of analytics: to eliminate all deficiencies of your business. When you identify your flaws in your service, you can reflect some change! Excel in your area, based on real insights. 





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