Q-Better challenge is to rethink the customer service. Our systems add value to any business sector where people need to be served and where there is information to be communicated.


Placed in a virtual queue, customers are free to browse other products on the shop
  • Drive strong brand recognition

  • Increase turnover and customer loyalty

  • Communicate special prices and promotions

  • Improve the store organization

Public Sector

By modernizing its services, institutions can improve the overall image of the public services
  • Improve services efficiency and organization

  • Reduce perceived and actual waiting times

  • Share important information

  • Enhance visitors experience


Spotlight important messages, information and events to students, professors and visitors
  • Guide students and visitors through the campus

  • Improve operational processes

  • Manage all students’ interactions

  • Keep students and visitors updated


Decrease patient anxiety by helping hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to deliver better care
  • Increase speed and quality of service

  • Share important information with patients

  • Optimize staff and resources utilization

  • Improve the comfort levels of patients


An optimized service area is crucial to serve the high number of visitors received daily
  • Engage customers while they wait in line

  • Get to know services performance

  • Display targeted information and campaigns

  • Increase customer satisfaction


A distinguished and professional customer service throughout all branches
  • Real-time information and exchange rates

  • Manage all branches centrally

  • Improve customers’ in-branch experience

  • Efficient resources management