Detection of the mask utilization through an optical camera


In the new world of coronavirus, multidisciplinary efforts have been organized to slow the spread of the pandemic and one of them is the use of face mask. Facemasks are a powerful tool to fight the spread of COVID-19 and it is essential to understand which tools can help your business to keep both employees and customers safe.


Therefore, the recognition of the use of a face mask has become increasingly important as it identifies those who wear protective masks, since the use has become mandatory both in public and private places. And how can we detect who is wearing a mask? Trough an optical camera. This contactless solution can prevent the spread of COVID-19, as it performs quickly and effectively in checking the use of face mask.




Optical cameras are devices whose main purpose is to ensure in real-time that everyone who enters an establishment is wearing a face mask.


It is not necessary to divide by multiple queues or carry out individual evaluation, since these cameras can analyse a large group of people. When someone is not complying with the requirements it triggers an alert. In this way, this type of solution is in high demand in the market as it offers a fast, safe, accurate, economic, and it is an automated process.




Optical cameras are connected to a software that manages the entire process and sends notifications to the administrators when someone is not wearing a face mask.




Since the pandemic began, optical cameras are being used in areas of high-density foot traffic, such as:


Hospitals and healthcare entities


Using Face Mask Detection System at healthcare entities can monitor if their staff and patients are wearing masks during their shift or not.


Shopping centres and supermarkets


The Face Mask Detection System can be used at stores to detect if employees are maintaining safety standards at work. It captures people who are not complying with the regulations or the requirements.




The Face Mask Detection System can be used at airports to detect travellers without masks. This system guarantees that everyone who enters at the airport is wearing a face mask.


In case of the absence of the mask, this system gives a real time alert to the administrators, so that they could act as quickly as they can.



  • Real time face detection
  • Notification/alert in case of the absence of mask
  • Control takes place in any mobile device with Internet connection
  • Major security for customers and staff
  • Statistical information
  • Contactless system
  • Optical cameras are faster and more accurate


Since the prevention of virus is one of the challenges facing the world population, the system provided in this article is vital nowadays, since it is possible to act effectively and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.


In conclusion, through this system it is possible to plan and implement strategies that optimize your business and gather information about how to improve customer satisfaction levels and, consequently, maximize sales and make keep them coming back, always with safety and comfort.


Find out how to ensure the right level of security to your customer’s with Face Mask Detection