5 Benefits of People Counting System


COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way people run the stores around the world. Many countries are ordering retailers to reduce the number of customers inside stores to make social distancing possible. Businesses are looking for ways to control store occupancy, to ensure that people are as spaced out as needed. Social distancing is a new and crucial behaviour that all businesses must adopt to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


As everyone around the world need to adapt to new regulations regarding occupancy and social distancing, it is essential to understand which tools can help your business to keep both employees and customers safe. Therefore, now people counters play an increasingly important role.


What is People Counting System?


This system connects sensors to a people counter software, making it possible to keep an accurate count of visitors as they enter and leave an area. Using real-time occupancy, it says whether the zone is safe to enter or not, preventing overcrowding before it becomes a bigger problem. It is the best way to ensure that your store does not become overcrowded.


Benefits of People Counting System


1-Real Time Information

It informs customers whether it is safe to enter or not inside a store/commercial space, considering the current occupancy.


2-Improve Customer safety

With this system it is possible to reduce the chances of becoming infected. It makes customers feel more comfortable and secure while shopping.


3-Maximize sales

It provides the tools you need to help your business. In other words, real-time occupancy monitoring can help you increase your sales and profits.


4. Reduce the spread of COVID-19

The best way to fight the spread of the virus is to ensure social distancing. People counting systems protect employees and customers by limiting the chances of standing close to someone.

5. Improve customer service

With People Counting System you can track customer behaviour and use the data to improve customer service. The more information you have about your customers’ behaviour, the easier it will be to give them the service they deserve. If you want your customers to return to your store, you must provide the best customer service.


How people counting improves business performance




Monitoring provides you with the essential information to your business: how many people walk through your doors and how long they wait in line for service.


With uncertainty about effective treatment and vaccination, it is likely that we will have to continue with preventive measures in the future. This system will help you to remain responsive and will also help you to adapt to the new behaviours required to ensure that your staff and customers are protected from COVID-19.


In conclusion, through this system it is possible to know more about how effectively your store operate, allowing you to plan and implement strategies that optimize your business. It is also possible to gather information about how to improve customer satisfaction levels and, consequently, convert them into clients, maximize sales and make keep them coming back.


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