What is a QR Code?

How can it be used in Queue Management?



What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a two-dimensional code that is the more advanced version of the commonly used UPC Barcodes that are used on various items at shops, malls, etc. QR Codes do not require any special scanner and can be effectively scanned through a smartphone.


How can be used?

QR codes are used in a variety of applications which include inventory management, marketing and advertisement, security, mobile payments, and personal use. Also, they can be utilized in storing personal information for use by associations, store bank account information, or they can be explicitly designed to work with specific payment provider applications.


The global QR code labels market is expanding with the growing industrialization and product manufacturing companies. Also, QR code labels have a much higher storage capacity as compared to conventional barcodes with a capacity of 20 numeric characters


Key Factors Impacting its Growth in the Market:

  • Useful in storing information such as webpages and contact information
  • Availability of other payment options
  • Queue and flow management
  • Introduction of QR code on labels and instructions guidelines
  • And so on… it is an endless tool that can be used in many ways.


The high growth of supply chain activities to cater to various industries and the development of packaging solutions is one of the keys to the growth of QR code.

The major utilization of this technology is verified in industries such Aerospace & Defense, Protection Equipment, Automotive, and Electrical & Electronics.

With the increasing trade activities and industrial growth is estimated to be one of the fastest-growing technologies; and the diversification of economic activities leading to industrial growth is key to the demand for new QR-code-based solutions.

At Q-Better how do we use QR Code Technology?



Contactless technology solutions are now a top priority for all sort of businesses around the world: E-ticket, Visitors’ flow management and Digital Menus are our current focus.

Due to COVID-19 designated safety measures we’ve fasten the development of this news solutions.


Q-Better specifically developed two solutions to fight the spread of COVID-19: QR-Queue and QR-Rest. Both are FREE so everyone and all business could benefit from it during such hard times.
This was Q-Better’s main contribution to help businesses developing their activity in accordance with WHO recommendations and keep their customers safe and comfortable.


QR-Queue & QR-Rest, what do both have in common?

  • contactless FREE software
  •  fight the spread of COVID-19
  • promote social distancing
  • provide a better customer satisfaction
  • help businesses as both are free apps and do not require installation



Contactless e-ticket, queue and flow management:  www.q-better.com/qr-q/
See how easy is to use this solution:


Contactless digital menus:  www.q-better.com/qr-rest/
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