Do you have a restaurant?

Do you have a catering business?

Comply with the safety rules to avoid the spread of COVID-19.


QR-Rest is a digital solution to replace the use of paper menus.

A safe, comfortable and contactless solution.

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Promote your menu in digital format

Customers can make their choice in comfort and safety.
No contact. No paper.

Ticket Waiting

Contactless digital menus


Cost control




Safe, easy & quick to set up


No hardware


No App to Install

Ticket Waiting

Menus without contact

Want to give your customer a better format for making his/her selection?
| Menu always available
| No contact
| Change the menu easily
| Improve your customers’ experience
| Avoid unnecessary paper costs
| Reduce your ecological footprint

Easy, simple and safe

Non-contact menus

The customer can see the menu on his/her smartphone

Prevents potential sources of virus spread

Are you in the catering field?

Immediate update

Manage your menu, add or remove dishes


Quick setup

Register at

Create your menu

Display your QR-Code

A better customer experience with QR-Rest

iOS & Android – no need to install an App

Scan the QR-Code

Consult the menu

QR-Rest is the right solution for your business

During this period of restrictions due to COVID-19, guarantee that all your customers have access to your services, avoiding contact and always maintaining the recommended social distance.

IT’S FREE! Start using it now