Now you can use voice calling to call the next ticket and inform its handling counter.

How to set the Voice Calling feature:

1) In “Assets”, select “Voice Calling” 
Click on “Create”, on the right top of the page, and create your “Voice Calling” by naming this list and choosing the Queue List and save.

2) For the same Voice Calling List you can have it in more than one language. 
  • Check the information you wish to include in the calling: the sound “ticket,” the ticket letter and number and the sound “go to desk” followed by the counter number;
  • Select the languages you wish to use to call the tickets, in the Language selection drop-down;
  • Write the template for the sentence. If you want to have “Ticket A 01 please go to counter 1”, you must compose the sentence by using the extra words combined with the tags on the bottom. In this example, you should do “Ticket {printed_tag}{printed_number} please go to counter {counter_tag}”.
You can hear the sentence before saving by clicking on the icon in the row of the template sentence:
3) As you can select as many languages as you want, each voice call will be reproduced in all of them, by the order defined on this dropdown. To change the languages order, click on the DRAG button and set the new order.
Then, you must go to the “Edit Player” and select the Voice Calling list to run in this player.
4) Below, in Actions, “Refresh” the system and you’re good to go!