Efficient restaurants with smart choices!

Efficient Restaurants

In times of such a public health crisis on a planetary scale as the one we are currently experiencing, due to Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), having systems that helps to implement more effectively the social distancing measures necessary for the protection of customers and staff, has become an important requirement.


A system that avoids physical queues and allows the customer to wait their turn while taking a walk in the surroundings or waiting in the comfort of their car.


A system that allows the customer to choose their meals without touching paper menu and at the same time maintain social distancing.

In this atypical context in which we are living, a smart restaurant is necessarily a more resilient and efficient restaurant.


How do you build an efficient restaurant?

The process of transitioning into a smart restaurant requires the involvement of everyone and, in particular, a top management. The strategy of becoming a smart restaurant shall be based on two structural pillars: virtual queue management and digital menus.


Virtual queue management

The goal is to avoid the crowding outside restaurants while waiting for available table.

A virtual queue is safer for customer, but also more convenient and comfortable.

It offers a better security to the entire staff, besides allowing a much easier and organized management of customers who are on hold. The virtual queue is one of the secrets to improve customer experience.



Digital menus

The digital menu is a trend that is here to stay. It helps the restaurant to automate the operational front by increasing the agility and security of the service; and improves the service concept by offering more commodity, flexibility while empowers the customer.

Digital menu is a key tool to improve all customers’ experience.



Benefits of an efficient restaurant

The benefits of automation are evident at various levels, such as:

  • Efficiency
  • Faster operations
  • Faster decisions
  • Less Costs
  • Maximizes the customer´s experience;
  • Your restaurant will communicate MODERNITY all over.



The future of restaurants lies in being an efficient business

Far from being a final state, an efficient restaurant is the result of a bundle of choices in constant evolution, a perfect balance between agility, connection and transparency.


We have no doubt that the restaurants that will be more prepared to survive and thrive in the future are those that have already started this path, taking consistent and intelligent steps, one after the other, towards to be a “Smart Restaurant”. By this we mean a structure more prepared to quickly react to adversities and easily adapt to new realities.


The uncertainty of the times we go through requires each manager to think beyond the immediate. It is important that connectivity begins to be part of the plans in the very short term, because only then are set the perfect conditions to ensure the resilience and overcoming of the obstacles we face.



To help more and more efficient restaurants, Q-Better developed two free solutions:

QR-Queue for queue management and QR-Rest for digital menus.


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