Thermal cameras to fight the spread of Coronavirus pandemic


Restricting the number of people inside an establishment, assuring social distancing between people, mandatory disinfection and the use of protection face masks at the entrance of stores are examples of protective measures to fight the spread of COVID-19 that retailers have taken and that are vital nowadays. These recommendations are important to minimize the spread of virus. Unfortunately, none of these measures can prevent a sick person from entering a shop. So how can we prevent it?


Since one of the most common symptoms that COVID-19 presents is the increase of human body temperature, what is needed is a fast method that detects fever and that prevents the spread of COVID-19. For this reason, one of the measures that is being used to tackle the pandemic and that helps in the detection of possible infections is body temperature control. Devices such as thermal cameras control body temperature, which facilitates the temperature measurement for large groups of people, prevents the transmission of diseases, detects future illnesses early and, therefore, facilitates the early treatment of infections.




Thermal cameras are devices whose objective is to measure in real-time the body temperature without the need of contact.


It ensures that all interaction when entering an establishment is done with the right distance. Unlike what we were used to, thermal cameras can analyse temperatures in a large group of people. In this way, it is not necessary to carry out individual evaluation or divide by multiple queues. In addition, thermal detection analyses the temperature and triggers an alert when it is above the limit stipulated by the administrator. In this way, it is possible to act effectively and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.





It is an investment in company, employees, and customer’s safety. This system is a great help to prevent and control diseases or infections. Since the pandemic began, thermal cameras are being used in areas of high-density foot traffic such as supermarkets, shopping centres, schools, organizations, airports, healthcare entities and beyond. This system serves to discover future illnesses earlier than what we expected.



  • Real-time monitoring of the temperature of a group of people.
  • Thermal cameras do not have to be near
  • When used properly thermal cameras are faster and more accurate
  • Ensured social distancing
  • Statistical information
  • Data can be analysed
  • Temperature accuracy
  • Temperature detection alarm function




The prevention and control of infectious diseases is one of the challenges facing the world population. Given the spread of COVID-19, the use of technologies, such as thermal cameras, are becoming increasingly important in crowded public spaces to detect fever. The system provided in this article is vital nowadays and is a contactless system that can prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.


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