Redefine your visitor’s waiting experience.

A cloud-based Virtual Queue Management System designed to any kind of business, Qube.


What is a virtual queue management system?
Virtual queuing is a practice where customers don’t have to physically wait in line to get a service.
With a virtual queue management system, customers can wait remotely as they are not confined to any waiting spot.
Let customers queue virtually using their smartphones. Use a mobile ticket solution to allow customers to get in line before arriving at your branch and keep them informed with live status updates.


Long queues and annoyed customers are no longer a problem!

Let Qube take charge of your queues and let your customers explore your store

Free your customers from waiting in endless queues & let them spend their time as they please!

No need for complicated hardware equipment & its maintenance.

Lower your operational costs

Increase your sales



Benefits of virtual waiting line management

Virtual queue management system helps you minimize wait times, personalize your services, and keep your team spirit high. Gain access to a wealth of real-time customer data while delivering on a faster, more enjoyable waiting experience.

  • paperless Solution
  • better staff efficiency
  • reduced costs
  • increased productivity
  • improved conversion rates
  • informed decision-making
  • enhanced profitability
  • happier customers
  • optimized staff allocation
  • increased customer loyalty



Our Queue Management & Business Intelligence Solutions

Q-Better solutions are also integrable with other several systems, for an effective and tailored solution.
Our management systems can be integrated with the other modules or solutions. It can also be used separately as the various components work making it a powerful service management tool.
Choose the best solution for your business:

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