Virtual queueing: maintain social distancing. Be safe, be comfortable.

Queue up without lining up

Maintain social distancing. Be safe, be comfortable.


As the situation changes, businesses and organizations need to adapt to the new normal. For service providers who remain open, the need for a safer environment for staff and visitors is becoming more important than ever.


One of the solutions to keep social distancing while providing services is using a virtual queue management system. What is it, and how does it work?

What is a virtual queue management system?

A virtual queue management system is a system that places customers in a virtual waiting line or queue, where they don’t have to physically wait in line to get a service. With a virtual queue management system, customers can wait remotely as they are not confined to any waiting spot.

How does a visitor get into the virtual queue?

The customer’s place in the virtual queue is secured by an identifier like a printed ticket, or managed through their mobile phone with an SMS, mobile ticket or queuing app. The identifier is often given upon arrival but can be provided in advance when booking an appointment. Because the place in the queue is secured, there is no need for a physical waiting line.

How does virtual queuing work?



Step-by-step an example of the most common virtual queueing:

1. Customer uses their smartphone to scan QR code posted outside of premises (for example, on the front door or on the window), and gets in line

2. Customer waits remotely (can go for a walk or wait in their car, for example), and monitor their place in line on the phone. They will be able to see the real-time updates, their place in line, and the expected waiting time until their turn

3. When it is their turn, a staff member calls the customer using a mobile app

4. The service is delivered and received at a safe distance

How can virtual queuing help with social distancing?

Virtual queuing is about managing customer journeys in the digital space, so they have minimal close interactions with staff and fellow customers. Customers do virtual check in and wait remotely, and staff can also keep their distance when serving.

A few ways virtual queuing solutions can help with social distancing:

  • Regulating the number of people visiting your premises
  • Keeping close interactions to a minimum
  • Reducing the time customers need to spend on-site
  • Managing customer flow


In order to deal with the contingencies resulting from the COVID-19 threat, Q-Better developed QR-Queue, an innovative and free solution. It guarantees a safe wait, promotes social distancing, and helps to control the number of customers inside the stores.


QR-QUEUE it is a FREE management system of Customers’ entries and flows in the stores, developed by Q-Better, that:

  • fights the spread of COVID-19
  • promotes social distancing
  • provides better customer satisfaction
  • controls the number of people inside the stores
  • is a free app and system
  • does not require installation