Qube integrated with pagers? Yes, a new simple and effective way to call a ticket!

When the ultimate technology of Qube integrates with traditional client calling methods, businesses can maximise the full potential of a queue management system. 
This combination offers all the advantages of having Qube, such as reduced waiting time, better-organized services, access to business statistics, virtual queuing, enhanced service quality, and increased customer satisfaction, now additionally, it allows customers to move freely within a 2000-meter range in an open area while they wait

Qube integrated with pagers, a simple and effective way to call a ticket!

Pagers are a reliable and intuitive alternative for notifying customers without needing smartphones or other digital devices, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for diverse customer preferences. Integrating Qube with pager systems is easy and allows customers to be notified when it’s their turn for service. A complementary solution to fully digital solutions that rely on smartphones.

Particularly useful in environments where managing customers’ flow is essential and where they typically prefer to walk around while waiting. Some of the key places where pagers are commonly used include:

  • Restaurants and Catering: To notify customers when their table is ready or when their order is ready for pickup.
  • Retail Stores: For managing queues during peak shopping times or special events.
  • Service Centres: Such as service shops where customers can be informed when their request is ready.
  • Amusement Parks: To inform guests when it’s their turn for a ride or attraction.
  • Hotels: For notifying guests when their room is ready or when services are available.
  • Events and Conferences: To manage attendee flow and inform participants of session start times or changes.
  • Pharmacies: To let customers know when their prescriptions are ready for pickup.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Including Hospitals, Clinics and Outpatient Clinics, for patient flow management.

Allowing larger mobility of the clients around the location encourages cross-selling, reduces perceived waiting time, and avoids no-shows or missed calls, and these are just some of the other advantages of integrating pagers with a queueing system.

Simple and efficient flow:

Simple and efficient flow:

Integrating Qube with pagers ensures a seamless customer experience. This synergy empowers businesses to enhance service quality, improve customer satisfaction, optimise operational efficiency, and increase revenue.