Products Comparision

July 5, 2023 2024-07-11 13:14

Products comparison

Main differences between the systems to reach the requirements of your project

Features qr-queue Qube Bloom Standalone Bloom Enterprise
BackOffice and Admin
Single Queue configuration Optional Optional
Frontoffice translation
Logs available on the backoffice
Remote devices monitoring
Track the flow status remotely
Paperless & Contactess solution
Devices layout
Layout colour customization
Add organization's logo to the devices layout and paper ticket
Possibility to configure players as counter displays
Voice Call
Integration with Active Directory / LDAP
Integration with third-party appointments system
Ticket printed in a ticket dispenser
Ticket generated in the visitor's smartphone through a web-application
Ticket generated in a mobile application
Ticket details sent by SMS or email
Scalable Features
Feedback and data gathering system
Automatic notifications for staff members & visitors (by SMS and/or email)
Tablet Ticket Kiosk
Data & Statistics
Statistics and data reports
Automatic reports
Performance Download by email/download by email/download
Tickets Download by email/download by email/download
Staff Download by email/download by email/download
Forms by email/download by email/download

Frequently asked questions

Where can a Queue Management System be used?

A Queue management system can be used in all sorts of markets and industries where there is a need to manage customer queues efficiently.

● Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities

● Retail: Retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls

● Government: Government agencies, such as tax offices, passport offices, and immigration centres

● Banking: Banks and financial institutions

● Transportation: Airports, train stations, and bus terminals

● Education: Schools, colleges, and universities

● Entertainment: Movie theatres, amusement parks and concert venues

How do I know which solution is better for my project/installation?

Q-Better currently has four queue management systems serving different purposes and each one with its unique advantages: QR-Queue, Qube, Bloom Standalone and Bloom Enterprise.

None can be used together, neither it is possible to migrate from one solution to another.

Q-Better team is always available to provide systems demonstrations and/or trainings, as well as help you analyze each project individually and build a proposal.

What information is needed to quote a project?

Once you know which system is more adequate for you, there’s some specific information needed to quote the project.

● Number of locations

● Estimated number of daily tickets per location

● Number of counters

● Number of waiting area displays per location

● Number of ticket dispensers

● Number of services

● Appointments

● If any, number of counter displays per location, Satisfaction Surveys, Concierges or tablet kiosks

● Integration with 3rd party systems

● Other specific requirements

Can a product be customized according to my needs?

A customisation is any added functionality to a product that is not included in the base installation of that product.

There are projects where this can be required, and we are always open to discuss the possibility of developing required features. In these cases, we evaluate the required feature, and present a proposal.

Third-party integrations

We are always striving to build software capable of communicate and work together with third-party systems so our end-users can take advantage of customised solutions.

Can Q-Better products be integrated with third-party Digital Signage?
Yes, you can integrate our Web QM-Displayers.

Is it to possible to integrate Q-Better APIs to build an App?
Yes, we have APIS for that.

I want to become a partner. What does Q-Betters offer?

Q-Better’s partners have access to the following conditions:

● Access to marketing materials in English (partners can translate them into other languages)

● Access to technical documentation

● Early information about new product launches or developments

● Online self-training and education tools

● Partner portal access

● Remote sales and technical training

● Cooperation and support in presentations, demonstrations, exhibitions, and campaigns

● Access to special prices to acquire a demo kit