June 29, 2023 2023-07-26 13:36

Enhancing queueing experiences

Bloom is an advanced customer flow management system that provides the tools to design, manage and improve the service experience. The system integrates a versatile solution of software and hardware to deliver the ultimate usability experience in queue management for both customers and staff.

How Bloom upgrades service performance

The customer experience is heavily influenced by the waiting time, it affects the overall customer satisfaction level, impacting the service journey, from start to end. Bloom enables organisations to shape their customer journeys, measure relevant metrics for service efficiency, and co-create value through customer feedback.


Customer experience

Refines every service touchpoint improving the overall customer journey’s quality.



Empowers the frontline employees with user-friendly tools and useful information.



Based on the latest technologies, it is scalable and flexible, able to evolve together with your organization.



Allows managers to apply a sophisticated measurement model and make data-driven decisions.

High performance services require integrated solutions

Bloom’s queue management system has components with unique purposes and functionalities within the customer flow, providing tools to enhance the customer engagement
and the information management. The components are great individually but when they work together, it’s when the real magic happens.


With Bloom Appointments customers can prebook an appointment by themselves, on-site, or on your website, at a time that suits them best. This application gives a precise idea of how many customers are expected. You can manage your staff and resources more efficiently, guaranteeing to keep appointments on time.

Bloom Concierge

Add a personal touch to the customer service by habilitating staff users to approach customers and help them through the service flow.

This application can serve different scenarios,
from saving time to customers to optimize services on the busiest times of the day.

Virtual Ticket

Customers can wait anywhere with their virtual ticket and receive notifications when it’s their turn to be served.
Check the waiting conditions in real-time before generating a ticket
Receive in-app notifications Cancel the ticket at any time

Q-Better provides the REST API to develop applications or integrate this functionality into existing applications.


E-ticket is a digital ticket equivalent of a paper ticket.
The E-ticket is indeed a ticket that customers can generate directly from their smartphone by scanning a QR code.

This contactless solution provides more comfort to visitors, by allowing them to wait where they feel more comfortable and receive notifications when their turn is coming and when they are called

Tablet Kiosk

A simple and paperless solution for tickets generation.
Bloom Tablet Kiosk is an interactive and adaptable Android application that conveniently suits the organisation’s needs.




Bloom Extender is a powerful tool to measure the customer satisfaction across different touchpoints.

It supports systematic service improvement by providing managers with service satisfaction score or specific feedback gathered by customized surveys.

Bloom optimises the Customer Flow

Evolving demands, adaptable solution

Besides its high-customization features, Bloom has also an adaptable architecture that can be assembled in many ways to fit your organisation’s configuration.

Bloom Standalone

Bloom can be used as a standalone system for a single location, independent from external connections.

Central Management

You can connect multiple locations to allow the setup and configuration of the local systems from a central point.


Do you want to minimize the number of hardware and maximize the system flexibility? Bloom server-based version is the right solution.

Transform data into performance

Every action taken within a Bloom component is turned into valuable data, allowing service managers to access real time information and historical statistics regarding the service performance.