Improved systems for a better customer experience

Qube was designed to give customers a better service, ensure employees have the time and space to perform their task effectively, and give all management tools to stay in control.

Paperless Ticket

Reduce waiting times and minimize crowd in the waiting area

Ticket kiosk in your pocket

Improve customer flow for more efficient operations

Cloud based & Solid Technologies

Keep customers informed every step of the way

Cloud based & Solid Technologies

Gain insights into the customer experience to make data-backed business decisions

Improve your Customer Service
through new technologies

Paperless Ticket


Contactless and green solution

Ticket kiosk in your pocket

Ticket kiosk in your smartphone

Track your ticket status everywhere

Cloud based & Solid Technologies

Cloud based & Solid technologies

Access everything with just an URL. Scalable and real-time, based on REST and MQTT protocols

Easy Device registration & Configuration

Easy registration & Configuration

Register, configure and manage everything in the Admin web-application

Cloud based & Solid Technologies


Relevant data helps you make better decisions

Open to integrations

Open to integrations

Integrate other services with our platform

Solutions for all sectors and sorts of business
E-ticket in the smartphone or traditional paper ticket

Conventionally, customers wait in line for the first available counter. Qube eliminates the fixed waiting spot and wait without standing in line, allowing customers to manage their time and choose where to wait.

Easy Device registration & Configuration

Small businesses

Easy Device registration & Configuration

Medium and Large businesses

Easy Device registration & Configuration

Pick up points

Qube upgrades
service performance

  • Contactless solution with the E-ticket feature

  • Queue management system, with or without hardware devices.
    You choose!

  • Promotes a better waiting experience by encouraging virtual queues

  • Refines every service by improving the overall visitor journey

  • Scalable and flexible, able to evolve together with your business

  • Amplifies the company’s knowledge, allowing managers to set individual KPI’s and make data-driven decisions

  • Integrable with any digital signage software

Key features and Devices


  • Ecologic paperless solution for tickets

  • Safer and comfortable way of waiting for all visitors

  • Remote track queueing status anywhere

  • Secure methods to prevent bad-natured tickets

  • PWA no app installation required

  • No hardware, less or no ticket kiosks required

  • Notifications background, native, alerts when turn is coming

Qube Admin

  • Dashboard

  • Counters and queues

  • Devices: install and monitor

  • Users management and permissions

  • Statistics

  • Preferences

  • Multimedia


  • Tickets are called, paused, cancelled, and transferred

  • Transfer tickets to users, counters, or queues

  • Notes can be added when transferring tickets

  • Generate tickets for your customers

  • Priority can be set on transfers

Qube Player

  • Queue Management status and ticket calls

  • IoT install with a click; update and monitor remotely

  • Branding assets to customize the layout

  • Full Customization of Player Layouts

  • Media play your favourite images & videos

  • Playlists adapted to the needs of each location

  • Feeds with relevant information

Qube Ticket Kiosk

  • Tickets generate and print: regular and priority

  • E-Ticket presents the QR code to scan

  • IoT install with a click; update and monitor remotely

  • Translations customizes interface language

  • QM Metrics average waiting time and no. of waiting tickets

  • Device Info consult hardware metrics

  • Branding assets to customize the layout

Voice Calling

Now you can use voice calling. The system will sound a voice calling the next ticket number and, optionally, stating the handling counter.

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Try virtual queueing with Qube

Discover how virtual queueing works with Q-Better. Scan the QR-Code and follow the instructions to test Qube.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

  • Accessible everywhere, at anytime

  • Always up to date, with no need of intervention

  • Minor initial and maintenance costs

  • No server management required


Qube is a smart queue management system that swiftly organizes services’ waiting lines.
Remarkably adaptable to services where time is priceless and must have a rapid and efficient response.
A breakthrough solution developed with the newest technologies, and based on the market trends and population important needs.

Its usability improves service efficiency while its design seamlessly blends into the room aesthetics.
Built with solid technologies, it is open to integrations with third-party systems (APIs).
A smart solution to elevate the service experience to a whole new level.



Q-Better provides Qube to Distributors, AV & IT Integrators to deliver excellent experiences to all clients.
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