June 29, 2023 2023-10-17 13:32

Queue management system based on IoT & Cloud Technologies

Designed to give customers a better service, ensure employees have the time and space to perform their task effectively, and give all management tools to stay in control.

Reduce waiting times

and minimize crowd in the waiting area

Improve customer flow

for more efficient operations

Customers informed

every step of the way

Insights and data

into the customer experience to make business decisions

Improve your Customer Service through new technologies


Contactless and Green solution

Ticket in the smartphone

Track ticket status everywhere

Cloud based & Solid Technologies

Access everything with just an URL. Scalable and real-time, based on REST and MQTT protocols
Qube with or without hardware

Operating mode

Queue management system, with or without hardware devices. You choose!

02 qube

Reliable, with or without internet

Works in the Cloud or locally

qube flexible

Flexible & Customizable

Scalable and flexible, able to evolve together with your business. Subscription plans tailored to your business needs.

04 qube

Metrics & AI Predictions

Amplifies the company's knowledge, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions based on history, performance metrics and predictions through AI

05 qube

Customer Satisfaction

Refines every service by improving the overall visitor journey and promotes a better waiting experience by encouraging virtual queues

Qube integrations


Integrable with any digital signage software. Integration with BUK Appointments.

Run Qube in the absence of an Internet connection with Local Runner

Although Qube is a SaaS and cloud based system, you can now have it installed on your premises even if you don't have internet connection.

Local Runner is a new device that is resilient to internet outages and you can install it on the ticket dispenser or player raspberry's to work as your local server.

All the configurations must be done with internet connection, but after that you can cut off all the conectivity.

With Local Runner there’s no need to buy a subscription plan, you just need the hardware.

Local runner Qube

Ticket Kiosks

Paper tickets - generate and print: regular and priority
E-Ticket- presents the QR code to scan
IoT- install with a click; update and monitor remotely
Translations- customizes interface language
QM Metrics - average waiting time and no. of waiting tickets
Device Info - consult hardware metrics
Branding - assets to customize the layout


Ecologic - paperless solution for tickets
Safer and comfortable way of wating for all visitors
Remote track queueing status anywhere
Secure methods to prevent bad-natured tickets
PWA - no app installation required
No Hardware, less or no ticket kiosks required
Notifications background - native alerts when turn is coming


Queue Management status and ticket calls
IoT install with a click; update and monitor remotely
Media to promote your services through videos and images
Branding assets to customize the layout
Feeds with relevant information


• Call, pause, cancel and transfer ticket
• Transfer tickets to users, counters or queues
• Notes can be added when transferring tickets
• Generate tickets for your customers
• Priority can be set on transfers

Customer flow with or without hardware, you decide!