Bloom Appointments

June 29, 2023 2023-07-21 16:20

A new era for service scheduling

Website widget

Easily add an appointments booking interface to your website by integrating the Bloom Appointment’s widget. Its customizable interface can be design to match your organisation’s identity.

Centralized management

Allow your customers to book appointments in different locations. The system will gather data from the entire service network to provide you with accurate information for appointments management.

Automatic notifications

The system permits email and SMS integration to automatically inform and alert the customers about their appointment status. This means a reduced risk of customers missing their appointments, improving the overall service experience.

Bloom Appointments allows professionals to manage appointments and give their customers a better experience through self-service scheduling

• Saved time for organisations, staff, and customers
• Online scheduling is both cost-effective for the organisation and convenient for the customer (24/7 access)
• Savvy communication tools reducing the risk of no-shows

Better together!

Bloom Appointments is integrated with the queueing module to conciliate both unexpected and expected customers.