How students and institutions can benefit from Virtual Queue Management Systems

“Adapt and Adjust”
Professor Matthew Baylis from the University of Liverpool said that, in the last 20 years, we have had six significant threats. The last world’s pandemic brought numerous challenges and we must adjust to this new reality, as it will not be the last one.
These recent events reflected more budget cuts and many institutions struggled to make a comeback. That is why Digital Solutions are the key in the long run.

Back to school with an organizational queueing system
We must overcome the adversities that are placed in front of us. Therefore, with virtual queue management systems institutions can:

  • Manage the flow of students efficiently!
  • Avoid the traditional waiting lines, as people can wait for their turn anywhere!
  • Manage queues (cafeteria, library, photocopy centre, gym) with ease!
  • Collect data and improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce the waiting time of the students and improve their journey.

Qube and the “New Now”
Additionally, the new “Now” has brought some technological solutions. Social distancing and meticulous hand-sanitizing habits have become important rules to live by.
Precisely designed to meet the needs we face nowadays is Qube. With its mobile ticket functionality, students may get in line without touching any buttons or surfaces on the premises.

Low-touch, socially distanced queueing.
The new solution we’re offering has all functionality pre-configured and it’s entirely Cloud and SaaS-based. Meaning, an almost instant implementation and no need for upfront investments in software or hardware. And while this can sometimes present a challenge in some services, schools will have their tasks facilitated, in terms of assuring the safety of students, as most students know their way around technology and have their own smartphone.

Qube does not require downloading an app or hardware, ticket dispensers and/or players.
Standard counters are available too; however, the only requirement is an internet connection, which most institutions offer. This makes staff able to summon students, view their wait times, add them manually to queues or even monitor any queue across campus.

QM-PAD – Staff assisting solution to manage queues and check-in students.
During the enrolment and welcoming weeks, the biggest challenge will be to keep a safe distance and empty areas, while greeting and serving students. QM-PAD, included in the package, runs on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Such makes it easy to have the staff greeting and helping students with whatever they need, minimizing the contact between students and services, during the fuzziest times of the school year.

If students are the future, don’t make them wait!