Qube launches new features that will improve your experience

Qube | New features

Customizable Player Layouts

Qube now gives you the flexibility to design and adapt queue management displays to meet specific branding, communication, and user experience needs.

Queues list

Sort the columns in the desired order, change background and font colors and present rows in the defined order or by last ticket called.
There is no limit for your promotional material. Insert images, videos and playlists.
Draw shapes to highlight specific areas or add a creative touch to the displayed content.
Free text
Add and format text as needed.
RSS feed
Incorporate dynamic content from various sources.

Customizable Ticket Kiosk Layouts

Maintain brand consistency by integrating colors, spacing and other branding elements into the ticket kiosk layout, reinforcing corporate identities.


Integrate BUK with Qube to allow customers to book appointments for specific services while still benefiting from the advantages of the queue management system.
How does it work?
1 End customers access BUK appointments link and select a suitable date and time for their visit.
2 Upon booking, customers receive a confirmation code that ties their appointment to the Qube system.
3 Qube recognizes the unique code and integrates the appointment into its workflow, ensuring that customers with appointments are called efficiently.

Need to integrate Qube's Queue management with other systems?

You can now integrate a customized Web Queue Management Displayer with other systems. The list of Queues can be used in an external integration, such as custom-made kiosks, chat bots, company website, third-party Digital Signage software and much more!
You can also customize layouts from scratch or edit previous created ones.