Places Where People Hate to Wait

Today’s world thrives on instant gratification. Waiting for anything seems to cause anxiety, frustration, and unnecessary stress in our lives. We want what we want, and we want it now. However, even with today’s technology, waiting lines cannot be thoroughly avoided. We must endure them to get what we need or want, but we can all agree that some places are just worse places to wait in line than others.

Look at this list of 10 of the places people most hate to get stuck waiting in line:

  1. Hospitals: Even if you walked in feeling okay, you will probably leave with a headache after waiting in this line.
  2. Pharmacies: It’s bad enough you need a prescription, let alone having to endure a long wait. Waiting lines are inevitable in many situations, but even the businesses involved in these waiting lines can take measures to improve the experience for their customers.
  3. Restrooms: When you need to go, you must go.
  4. Restaurants: Are you hungry? Your table is not ready yet or order is taking too long? Aahhhh!
  5. Grocery stores: Choosing the “right” checkout line is like a game of chess where the grocery store holds you in checkmate.
  6. Retail stores: From customer service to the dressing room and checkout, these lines may be necessary but they’re just getting in the way of a good shopping spree!
  7. Airport security checkpoint: Luggage and shoes and laptops, oh my!
  8. Concessions stand at events: There’s nothing worse than missing a potential turning point in a game or that one special song at a concert when your child needs a snack, or you just couldn’t wait for that second beer.
  9. Theme parks: You decide to dive headfirst into that 45-minute wait, knowing what you are getting into, but somehow nerves still set in before you’re even halfway through the expected wait time.
  10. Movie theatres: It is amazing how the anxiety builds until your bottom is firmly in your seat ready for the first preview.