The Power of Virtual Queueing for Healthcare Facilities

How Virtual Queueing Contributes to Patient Safety?
Virtual queueing offers numerous benefits to patient safety by minimizing exposure to illnesses, supporting infection control measures, optimizing patient flow, and facilitating effective communication between healthcare providers and patients. By leveraging technology and implementing virtual queueing systems, healthcare facilities can enhance patient safety and provide a more efficient and secure healthcare experience.

Top 5 Benefits for Both Healthcare Facilities and Patients

Introducing a virtual queue management system can allow patients to arrange for appointments in advance with their designated healthcare provider.
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Healthcare facilities can use this tool to keep track of the number of appointments made at a time. With only a limited number of appointments available, healthcare facilities can serve patients based on the urgency of their condition and prevent overcrowding.

Digital Tickets to manage unplanned visits.
Digital Tickets empower patients who need to visit the healthcare centre and do not have an appointment. This solution is based on having a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone. It allows the patient to join the queue without touching the traditional ticket dispenser’s screen.

Notifications to reduce waiting periods inside the Healthcare Facility.
Besides booking an appointment in advance, the virtual queue management system can also allow hospital management to deliver SMS notifications to patients about the date and time of their appointment.
Patients can arrive at the healthcare facility just ahead of the appointment and wait in their car or near the hospital. SMS notification will be delivered when their turn comes. This significantly inhibits the threat of a patient catching any disease while they wait inside hospital premises.

Keeping Patients Informed About Medical News and Events.
The queue system can be equipped with digital screens. Hospitals can use these for displaying queue information.
The screens also serve as a channel for delivering essential healthcare updates, reiterating safety guidelines and other important information.

Enabling superior Patient management and Staff performance
An effective digital healthcare transformation solution that introduces virtual queueing can also enable better patient journey management. These systems can allow the hospital to gather feedback regarding the quality of patient care and staff performance.
These data reports can be used to provide a better patient experience and identify any discrepancies in healthcare services.