Virtual Queue Management enriches your Customer Service

How does virtual queueing work?
With a virtual or mobile queue management system, customers can queue remotely through a mobile ticket – an online ticket visible on their phones.
It starts with the customer checking in by scanning a QR code. Upon checking in, they can choose the service, or multiple services, and then receive an e-ticket, allowing them to wait anywhere for their turn. As they are waiting, their progress will be monitored in the queue on their phones, and, lastly, they will get a notification when their turn arrives.

Benefits of virtual waiting line management solutions:
• Waiting time reduction
• Efficient customer flow management
• Improving customer journey and experience
• Increasing staff productivity and efficiency

Customer Service empowered by a Virtual Queueing Solution.
Providing the best tools and solutions for connecting people to services is at the very heart of what we do. We are all facing new adversities in our everyday lives. Social distancing and meticulous hand hygiene have become important rules to live by. We may not know for how long, but we do know that people will nevertheless need to get connected to services.
Precisely designed to meet the needs we face nowadays is Qube. With its mobile ticket functionality, the visitor may get in line without touching any buttons or surfaces at your premises. And, since visitors can also follow their queue progress on their own mobile device, from wherever they are located, they can wait remotely from your premises.

Low-touch, socially distanced queueing.
The new solution we’re offering, Qube, has all functionality pre-configured and it’s entirely Cloud and SaaS-based. Meaning, an almost instant implementation and no need for upfront investments in software or hardware.

Customers can monitor the queue progress from a safe place.
The mobile ticket is a browser-based solution; hence it is available to everyone with a smartphone. Taking a mobile ticket is as easy as scanning a QR code. By posting the QR code on your front door you are allowing visitors to take their ticket without even entering your premises. They may then wait in, let’s say their car, comfortably monitoring their queue progress. That way, your visitor can wait right until his or her number is called, and there is no need to crowd up the waiting area.

Qube does not require downloading an app and hardware is optional, such as ticket dispensers and/or players.
You only need a smartphone or a tablet, with an internet connection, that can serve as both a counter and a sign for calling visitors. This makes staff completely mobile, making it easier for them to leave the premises and call the visitors waiting outside. It also eliminates the need for service by a counter, which means that your staff can either provide service immediately or guide the visitor directly to the appropriate service area. Should you prefer a standard counter solution, that is available as an option instead.

QM-PAD – Staff assisting solution to manage queues and check-in visitors.
Keep a safe distance and an empty waiting area while greeting and serving visitors. This functionality, included in the package, runs on a computer or tablet. Such makes it easy to have the staff greeting and serving visitors, without them having to approach the physical counter.

Admin Panel, real-time information, and reporting.
One of the benefits of the mobile ticket is that visitors can stay in line but leave the waiting area. The downside of this is that you cannot easily judge how long your queues are. With the Dashboard Panel enabled you get a real-time status, which allows you to match staffing with the number of visitors, waiting average time and all kinds of flow insights. That is our latest offering for generating reports, allowing you to analyse and adjust, favouring the optimization of your operations.