Queue Management System, an efficient solution to improve service experience in all businesses

Empower your visitors to manage their time and let them become loyal as you choose to have the perfect attending system focused on fulfilling their needs.
A queue management system is a solution that both allows the creation and application of statistical data on the effectiveness and productivity of employees, besides managing the waiting queues in an environment with multiple counters and services.

The main reasons why all businesses shall have a Queue Management System:

The queue management system provided by Q-Better enables the definition of attendance priorities by services and counters and the control of dropouts, allowing the management of customers’ flow through waiting queues with the issuing of tickets that define the order of attendance.
The benefit of this type of system is the reduction of waiting times, increasing levels of satisfaction while reducing operational costs and allowing customers real-time decision-making.


Advantages and Benefits:
The attendance flow management system enables an increase in efficiency and optimization of processes, contributing to the improvement in the quality of service provided and increasing satisfaction.

  • Optimisation of resources
  • Prioritisation of attendance
  • Attendance forwarding
  • Minimising waiting times
  • Timetable management and centralised status monitoring
  • Statistical data on the attendance flow