Join a virtual queue and wait anywhere!

Provide a better experience to your customers with virtual queueing solutions.
With Qube, you can easily avoid crowds, physical lines and reduce the waiting time.
Joining a virtual queue and waiting anywhere is a convenient approach that leverages technology to enhance the customer experience. This system allows customers to remotely join a queue and receive updates on their waiting status, eliminating the need to physically wait in a specific location.
By using technology to manage queues more effectively, businesses can optimize their operations, reduce customer wait times, and provide a more convenient and streamlined experience.

No app is needed.
Qube is a browser-based solution that allows customers to scan a QR code to join a virtual queue. This allows customers to get access your services without having to stand in a physical line. And the best part? It’s available for everyone with a smartphone – no app is required.

It’s simple to join the virtual line.
By scanning a QR code outside the store, customers can select the desired service and join the virtual line. This makes it possible for customers to wait anywhere and in real-time follow their place in line on their smartphone.
When the visitor is next in line, store employees can easily call the customer forward using our staff applications using a tablet or smartphone. This makes it possible to protect customers and staff by practising social distancing to reduce the risk of virus spread and eliminate crowded in-store interactions.

How to join a virtual queue?

  1. Scan the QR code and join the virtual queue from anywhere
  2. Wait at a safe distance wherever you want
  3. Follow the progress in real-time on your smartphone
  4. Get notified when it’s your turn to be served