Queue Management solutions are a real commitment and improve your service performance

Avoiding long queues is an essential step to improve customer experience.
Common approaches to queue management, typically using ticketing solutions, come with the following pain points, which negatively impact customer satisfaction and store performance.

Typical critical points:

  • Customers tend to stick around monitors
  • The store looks crowded
  • Waiting times are unpredictable
  • Visitors are treated impersonally
  • People feel like their time is wasted

Impact of Customer Experience and Store Performance:

  • The store area is used ineffectively
  • Very limited walk-in traffic
  • Lacking brand experience
  • Missing out on up & cross-selling
  • Frustration & high walkout rates
  • A terrible starting point for consulting

A Queue Management solution helps your business to reduce these challenges and offer the best Customer Service.

The perfect welcoming approach aims to overcome those obstacles using a smart queueing solution, which allows you to take both your customers and sales staff centre stage.

Additionally, take all advantages by providing a customer-centric welcoming approach.

We have identified the welcoming experience as a key aspect in achieving great in-store performance. Engaging customers positively from the moment they enter the store sets the tone for a great customer experience.

By using our Bloom Concierge, you can add a personal touch to customer service by habilitating staff users to approach visitors and help them through the service flow, provide all information they may need, and reduce the number of tickets issued for the wrong services.

  • Serves different scenarios, from saving time to visitors to optimising services at the busiest times of the day
  • Allows to call and manage tickets, and generate tickets
  • Previsualization of information associated with the waiting tickets

Benefits you can collect from engaging customers directly with a personal welcome experience:

  • Avoid waiting lines that turn shop visitors away
  • Reduce perceived waiting times through efficient queue management
  • Leverage information to increase consulting quality and boost cross & upselling
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere aiding with conversion rates and issue handling
  • Reduce stress levels for both customers and staff during peak hours
  • Obtain valuable customer and store performance insights